Pearl 9105 T9 Pearl 9105 T9

While most of the BlackBerry device buzz seems to be over when the Bold 9650 will be released, there is still some muttering about this whole Pearl situation. We've heard bits and pieces and seen various images over the last few months, but we're still not 100% sure just how many new Pearl devices will show up. Our best guess at this point is that the candybar Pearl will be offered in two keyboard configurations -- SureType and T9 -- with it looking like the roadmap may also have a Pearl Flip offering a compressed full qwerty in a clamshell. With WES just a week away we have high hopes that RIM will finally shed some light on the Pearl situation for us.

These latest snaps snow off the T9 keyboard close up, as well as some of the options that go along with it. There are options for compound words, context learning and auto word learning. Nothing major to work with but it seems like everytime we get some new images we get one step closer to the release. My fingers are still crossed for a 9650 in the coming weeks, but maybe this little guy will pop up soon and surprise us all.

Source: id-BlackBerry-archive
Via: BerryReview

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