Every day I spend hours commuting to and from work. To pass the time, more often than not I turn to my BlackBerry to chat, to get things done, and to partake in some entertainment, namely games. For the latter, I discovered this challenging and thought-provoking card game that utilizes basic math skills in a unique way. Feith is a play on words of the Turkish word 'Fetih', which means 'conquest' in English and it certainly lives up to the definition.

Not to sugarcoat this for you, it does take a while to understand the mechanics of the game. The purpose is to conquer your opponent's cards, and in turn the board, using the mathematical numbers on the tiles you are given. In addition, players may access their inventory or utilize the effect cards if you get into trouble.

Players are given a set amount of tiles or cards to play on the 3x3 grid. Each of them has a number at the top, bottom, and sides. Using the example so generously given by the developer let us walk through it.

To conquer the card on the left, you need to have a card:

  • At the top of the enemy card with a bottom value of 10 (10 is the max value)
  • At the right of the enemy card with a left value of 7 or higher
  • At the bottom of the enemy card with a top value of 8 or higher

At this point you would check your cards to see which ones have values that would fit these requirements and place them on the board. As a result, the computer could then play a card that would either help them defensively or conquer your card. These battles continue until all hands are played and the winner is determined.


  • Play against a computer who takes advantage of your mistakes
  • Play online with friends or a random stranger.
  • Bet and win cards!
  • Save your cards and stats on the cloud, and get them everywhere!
  • Earn a place on the Feith Ranking.
  • Use Effect Cards to alter the course of the game!
  • Craft new Effect Cards at the Card Workshop with the help of Materials you win at Online matches.
  • Replay past online matches and watch your opponent's strategy.
  • Find easter eggs and discover events that happen on certain days!
  • Have your own profile to show off your cards and stats at http://feith.imeev.com/.
  • Trade cards over the web with your friends!
  • Over 50 Achievements/Trophies to collect!
  • Compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Z3, Porsche Design, Q5, Q10 and future devices!

The game offers additional options such as creating new card effects with materials pre-populated or those purchasable from within the application. Users also have the choice of playing opposite the computer opponent or logging into an online account to play against individuals from all over the world who also have the application installed. Now that it is available on the PlayBook, BlackBerry 10, and in the Amazon Appstore there are now even more players to compete against.

As I said earlier, it takes a bit getting used to. However, once you get passed that you will be hooked. The animations are fluid, the game itself is challenging, and most importantly, gets the gears in your brain moving as you try to figure out not just the next move but your strategy for blocking your opponent. You can find it at the link for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $.99.

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