Presidential Coveroos Now Available

Gotta luv the timing on this one... the good folks over at Coveroo just emailed to let me know they have licensed both the Presidential Seal and Air Force One for use on their BlackBerry Coveroos.

So if Barack Obama has you feeling patriotic and you want to display your faith in the new President / Commander-in-Chief and pride in the country, keep your eyes peeled on the Coveroo website. They'll be adding these Presidential Coveroos to their catalogue shortly (in the next day or two). If you just have to have one of these now and can't wait, you can order early by emailing And if you'd rather show off your pride in CrackBerry Nation, Coveroo also let us know that the Coveroos have been a big hit and are still available.

If you do pick up a new Coveroo, be sure to share a picture of it in the forums.