Feed the Penguin
BlackBerry smartphones aren't typically known for gaming, so when I find a good time-killer that plays well and offers a challenge, it's a pleasant surprise. Feed the Penguin is a game that fits that criteria quite nicely, and has an impressive hand drawn feeling that is quite charming.

The goal of the game is to help Penguin collect food and light up bulbs while avoiding hazards such as spiders, umbrellas, and roaches. There is a path for Penguin to follow which you can adjust to help him on his way to the prize at the end. As the game progresses the levels get harder with more obstacles and trickier paths to navigate. Feed the Penguin is really a great way to pass the time while giving yourself a bit of a challenge. I played it for quite some time before getting stuck on a level that I just can't seem to figure out. The challenge is nice though, and really helps work those brain cells!

Available for most BlackBerry smartphones, you can pick up Feed the Penguin in BlackBerry App World. There is a free version with one room and a premium version with 6 rooms for just $.99.

More information/download Feed the Penguin (free)
More information/purchase Feed the Penguin (premium)

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