Last week we ran a poll on the blogs asking CrackBerry readers how they felt about RIM's SurePress technology and forcing people to "click" the screen. Over 17,000 votes were cast. The results? 31% said they loved the click, 26% said scrap it (they'd rather have an iPhone-styled touchscreen) and the 43% said they wanted both options - SurePress, and also the ability to disable it.

A new video by our pal Salomondrin shows that this may not be too far fetched a dream afterall. Check out the video above! We know there are some cool looking sensor/button thingies under the screen and that the display goes to a fixed/immovable state when powered down - if the option was added into the operating system to fix the screen when powered up (OS option not shown in video however - could be this is just a buggy pre-release device giltch??) then this would be pretty huge news. You'd still be able to turn on an audible click when something is selected if so desired, but the need for the screen to physically be pressed down would be gone (or up to you to keep it). So how much more would you like RIM's next touchscreen BlackBerry if you had the option to disable SurePress on command? Sound off in the comments and on this forum thread!