Over the summer we saw Feather Duster, a social media application for BlackBerry 10 that takes raw Twitter keyword metrics and translates them into a colorful display of glowing specks drifting between orbs. We caught up with them at BlackBerry Jam Asia to get a closer look at the app.

Feather Duster isn't so much a utility or a game as it is a toy. Despite its novelty nature, the developer's interest seemed much more in testing the possibilities of the BlackBerry 10 platform, and to that end the experiment was a success. Hitting 60 frames per second was a goal from the onset thanks in no small part to his history in the video games industry. Feather Duster managed to handle that with relative ease while still pumping out dynamic, rich, and interactive graphics. 

While Feather Duster might be neat to play around with for a few minutes, I'm mainly interested in seeing which full-bodied apps Conduct HQ brings to BlackBerry 10; their portfolio looks really slick, and it would be great to see apps of that caliber on the new handsets coming out in January.