FatFingers on the BlackBerry PlayBook

I wouldn't say that I was a hardcore eBay user but I do purchase quite a few things, more so lately. I don't make big purchases on eBay, it's more of just accessories for my phone, or sports gear, or console games etc. I do like to try and find things at the best price -- meaning at a bargain. There are a few ways to do this and one has been to use a website called FatFingers.

The idea behind FatFingers is that people make typing errors when entering details of items the want to sell and never notice, so their item goes live with those spelling mistakes. When people search, those items never show up due to the mispelling and hence never get bid on. But for those eBay savvy folks, enter FatFingers. All you have to do is enter the product you are looking to get with the correct spelling, and then FatFingers will search all items relating to that but spelt incorrectly. I must say I have won a couple of items by using FatFingers and it's really handy (no pun intended).

FatFingers Interface

There is now a FatFingers app available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, courtesy of C2 Development on behalf of Fat Fingers. It's available to download in BlackBerry App World for just $1.99. The app is as straight forward to use as the website. Just enter the item you want, select which eBay store you want to stroll through and hit Search. If you're a regular eBay user you may have already heard of FatFingers, but if not, then why not give it a try? You may find some awesome deals you never would have found otherwise!

FatFingers searches

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