Last week we got to see a first look at the PlayBook in the wild, and now we finally get to take a tour of a full out application walk through for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This Fantasy Football application sports a ton of nice features and looks super smooth even at this early stage. Universal Mind has this to say about the SDK and overall developer experience:

"The framework SDK is integrated into Flash Builder which made for a very familiar dev environment. Compiling the application and deploying it to the PlayBook Simulator is quick and easy with multiple ways to see your application in a working environment. Without a actual device in hand we relied on the Simulator to test all the interactions, so it was a key piece of the workflow. We also reused several pieces of code, which made creating interactions even faster. The SDK controls made creating interactive lists a snap: all the kinetic interactions are built into the controls, like pulling on a list and getting the elastic snap that many users are familiar with. Integrating video is seamless with the built in video controls, which also allowed for customization. The framework also allows developers to create consistent applications using the array of controls that are built into the OS."
Sounds good right? Hopefully this ease of development, compared to development in the past, will really entice a lot of developers to create some great applications for the PlayBook. This app looks awesome so far and I know I'm excited to see what else is to come down the line.

Source: Universal Mind Via: BGR

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