With the BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry Mobile is introducing a new Smart Convenience Key that takes the user-defined shortcuts to the next level by adding in profiles you can setup and control on the fly. Now when you press the textured key, you are presented with up to three different options with profiles for Default, Car, Meeting, and Home. Do the math that's like 12 different shortcuts in one button.

The device and software move with you so you can stay productive. In the latest video, the woman is getting ready for a yoga session and with just a tap she fires up Spotify and is able to get into an app without searching around the app tray or wasting any time. the key allows her to take action while at home on a specific task and not waste any time - it's a super BlackBerry feature that speaks to the kind of users Motion is targeting.

Plus, this time around after collecting feedback, the convenience key on the Motion has been placed higher up, so you're less likely to accidentally hit it, compared to the BlackBerry KEYone. Overall, it's nice added touch to Motion and an improvement upon what already existed by way of the Convenience Key fans know and love now.

How to set up the Smart Convenience Key on the BlackBerry Motion