Famke Janssen has had plenty of success throughout her acting career, starring in Nip Tuck, Taken, Taken 2 and perhaps most famously, as Jean Grey in the X-men series of movies and James Bond flick, GoldenEye but her role on Netflix's horror series Hemlock Grove is her latest work. As part of the promotion surrounding the shows second season, Famke sat down with USA Today to talk tech, even though she admittedly doesn't like much of it.

As noted in the interview, she's not on social media, she has an iPhone she's never used because of the touchscreen and she doesn't even have a TV. Which she does have though, is a bit of privacy, individuality and a BlackBerry Curve she's not really embarrassed to admit using. As for selfies, she's not a fan of those either and thinks they're a little intrusive on personal space.