The BleckBerry The BleckBerry 

It looks like a BlackBerry, it sounds like a BlackBerry, but is it a BlackBerry? No way. It's a BleckBarry. This fancy "smartphone" has some amazing features (if you're living in 1990) that anyone would love to have. this dual-network phone has not one, but two SIM slots, a 2 inch "vibrant color" screen, Bluetooth and 506KB of internal memory. And as if that all wasn't enough, there is a built in FM and TV tuner complete with antenna. This device really does do it all. It looks so much like a BlackBerry -- right down to the cloudy looking OS -- that no one will ever notice the difference. So if you're fed up with owning an actual BlackBerry, you can pop down $70 to have this knock-off by your side. Thanks Andrew!

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