CrackBerry RIM Stock

As of today Saudi Arabia had officially blocked data service to all BlackBerry devices, but it seems that after only 4 hours service has been restored. Details are still sketchy at the moment, but earlier today it was noted that users were only able to make and receive calls and not use any BlackBerry data service. Due to these events and facing bans in other countries, RIM stock has lost $2.7 billion in just two days. In addition to the ban in Saudi Arabia, this comes with the heat of facing bans in both the UAE and Indonesia. Stocks sank 4.46 percent this past Wednesday closing at $54.24. Just a few weeks ago the news of the bans didn't seem like they would turn out the way they have thus far. As RIM continues to work toward a solution with the nations involved, only time will tell which way things are headed for the future of BlackBerry.

Source: IBN Live/ Yahoo!