We first took a look at FaceJam for BlackBerry 10 when it was first released and in terms of downloads it was been very successful. The fun photo application has now had a big overhaul in version 2.0 and with it brings a huge list of new features and improvements - including support for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

The concept of FaceJam is to combine two, three or four photos onto one - kind of like a collage. So, it's just a case of selecting from the menu how many photos you want and then adding them to the spaces available on-screen.

The best news is that FaceJam is free to download so you really don't have an excuse for not giving it a go. With all the following new additions in the app we can once again see the passion and dedication of BlackBerry 10 developers. 

New in version 2.0:

  • The entire user interface was re-configured to work better and easier
  • The visuals and graphics have been updated to make it easier to see options and pick your design weapon
  • There is a settings page now that a user can disable the instruction page on opening of the app
  • The navigation is through tabs now rather than having to go into a separate menu for easier access to all areas
  • There is active frames now
  • There is support for Z10, Q10, Q5 and now the Z30
  • The context menu has better picture controls
  • Ability to use peek and swipe back to close pages
  • No need to get rid of the action bar anymore
  • There is a pull down menu from the top...which has settings, swipe lock and stitch pics
  • There is the ability to lock peek so you don't accidentally close your work
  • There is a new button in the context menu that allows you to control which pictures will use the picture editor before being added
  • Better instruction pages
  • The use of toasts and dialogues
  • The drop down menu has a new button called STITCH PICS....this turns your Jam into one pic and opens the previewer....you can then SHARE, SAVE and SET your pic from right within the app

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