We first took a look at FaceJam for BlackBerry 10 just a few months ago, but the fun photo application has now been updated to version bringing some nice new features for your enjoyment. 

The concept of FaceJam is to combine two, three or four photos onto one - kind of like a collage. So, it's just a case of selecting from the menu how many photos you want and then adding them to the spaces available on-screen. 

New features in V2.0.01: 

  • Ability to add borders (thickness and color) in all picture zones....Select the option in the FaceJam controls.
  • Movement and refinement of some controls and icons. 
  • Addition of an edit button in JamZone...Select the option in FaceJam controls. 
  • Addition of a mustache to go along with the sunglasses in the JamZone.

FaceJam is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free! What are you waiting for. 

More information/Download FaceJam for BlackBerry 10