We're not short of camera/photo applications on BlackBerry 10, but I recently stumbled upon FaceJam and was instantly attracted to it because of its simplicity and beautiful user interface. At the time of writing this the application is only supported by the BlackBerry Z10 but I'm sure that will change pretty soon. And best of all - it's free!

As you'll see in the video - once you launch the app you are prompted to scroll through a list of instructions. I realize that instructions can often be boring but with FaceJam they just look sweet, with nice clean images set on a white background with some blue thrown in for good measure. 

The concept of FaceJam is to combine two, three or four photos onto one - kind of like a collage. So, it's just a case of selecting from the menu how many photos you want and then adding them to the spaces available on-screen. At the base of the display there is a tab which gives you quick access to switching between vertical and horizontal and once the photos are loaded into the app you can pinch to zoom as well giving as a long hold to reveal a further menu for rotating, flipping or adding another image. 

Once you are happy with the finished product I'm afraid to say that there isn't a normal save option within the app, but as per the instructions you can just take a screen cap using the media buttons. The downside here is that when you go to view your creation within your pictures app there will be a small arrow icon at the base. I know that with the native photo editing tools it only takes a few seconds to crop and save, but it's a feature I'm hoping will be added in a future update. 

Mind you, with the app being free and pretty darn good I can't really complain. If you are a Z10 owner check this one out and have fun. 

More information/Download FaceJam for BlackBerry 10