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OK Facebook + BlackBerry addicts... we are getting CLOSER.. After a lot of anticipation, RIM is making Facebook for BlackBerry v2 available to a limited number of Beta Zone members today. You'll have to be on a BlackBerry 6 device and login to Beta Zone asap to signup for the trial and hopefully get in on the testing. Facebook v2 brings with it a lot of improvements, including:

  • Facebook Chat w/ "Always On" Facebook Chat Notifications
  • Redesigned Navigation Grid
  • New Notifications Bar
  • Improved News Feed Scrolling
  • Enhanced Profiles
  • Added Publisher Functionality
  • Updated User Interface

To be dead honest, I haven't been using Facebook on my BlackBerry for a while now (one, because I'm trying to not spend time on facebook, and two, because the old BB app wasn't very good), but after rocking v2 on my BlackBerry Torch for a couple days now I'm overall really happy with v2 so far. With features like Facebook Chat, Places and Pages integrated it's a much fuller experience, and the speed of the app seems improved (like loading up a big friends list for the first time). Those of you who use Facebook daily on your BB will be the best judges of it though, so hopefully it's a short beta and v2 will be released a lot sooner than later! I'll whip up a video showing it off shortly... if there's anything specific you want to see, let me know in the comments. Stay tuned!

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