Facebook v1.6.0.21 Released Many Fixes For Calendar And Freinds List Refreshing!

Recently RIM pushed through an upgrade to it's Facebook application. Moving up from, version is now available for download at all the normal locations, but this time around a lot of bug fixes were included (Sound familiar?). Fixes include better calendar integration and how the friends list refreshes - that's the basics of it. If you would like a more detailed look at what has been fixed you can review the RIM knowledge base articles as outlined below for more information.

  • KB18441, informs that the unending “friends refresh” issue has been fixed in
  • KB18442, provides a resolution and workaround for restoring BlackBerry calendar events during an OS upgrade when the Facebook calendar can become set as your default calendar. Basically, this version of Facebook avoids that issue, according to the article.
  • KB18674, informs that Facebook for BlackBerry will display a maximum of 1200 friends.
  • KB16369, details the Facebook for BlackBerry minimum requirements.

If you are a BlackBerry facebook user, it's suggested you grab this update to ensure that the application runs correctly for you at all times. I would even take the step of reccomending that you remove the current version installed previously and download the latest.

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