Facebook Installation Error Message on older BlackBerry OS

The new Facebook application released yesterday yielded much attention, and therefore many downloads. But a little 'error' in one of RIM's 'error message' screens has caused some confusion.

Many people have been receiving the message "Sorry, your wireless Service Provider does not Allow Access to Facebook for your Device". In reality, the problem is not with your Service Provider, rather it is with your BlackBerry Operating System. Facebook requires that you run OS 4.2 or greater (when downloading, the Terms and Conditions do state that). That means devices running an older OS version (like the BlackBerry 8700 shown above) cannot install the Facebook app.

Some research done with the folks at Research in Motion has confirmed that the error message being shown is incorrect/misleading. Hopefully they will fix that up! It's definitely caused a lot of aggrevation and Carrier Curs'n! If you fall into the older OS scenario, you can now stop blaming Bell, Verizon, AT&T, etc. For once, the Carriers aren't being evil. It just means time to upgrade your OS or your Berry! :-)

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[ via Saunderslog