Facebook Stream

* Update #2: As of Thursday morning, it looks like everything is working again. If you're still having issues, try a battery pull.

* Update from Kevin: No word from RIM on it, but Facebook dropped an official update to Erictric on the subject... here goes.. from Facebook:

"We're currently experiencing issues with our APIs, and as a result, some users may be unable to access the site from their devices at this time. These APIs are designed to make it possible for mobile partners to provide users with their respective Facebook applications. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible." *

It looks like most of the day many Facebook users have been having a ton of issues with their streams in the Facebook app. Reports are all across the board, but most attribute it to the new Facebook web layout. I for one didn't have an issue when the new layout first popped up, but I am indeed having trouble getting my feed to refresh today. No word of exactly what is causing the issue or when it will be fixed, but we'll try out best to find out and keep you posted. Head into the forums for more discussion.