And there it goes, if you're on BlackBerry 10 and refused to update Facebook and continued using the old .BAR file, the Messenger portion will no longer work.

I know, the audience for this sort of news is probably pretty slim these days but given there's still plenty of people out there running BlackBerry OS devices, it has to be mentioned. Facebook has now started sending out emails to let folks know that if they're using the Facebook Messenger app, it will no longer be supported as of November 30, 2016.

The email is a bit confusing, however, especially for those getting it that are BlackBerry 10 users since there was never a Facebook Messenger app from Facebook for BlackBerry 10. It was built into the Facebook app itself. A little digging around shows an article in the BlackBerry Knowledge Base highlighting the situation and shows the email is most likely meant to be only for BlackBerry 7 and earlier users.

As of November 21, 2016, Facebook Messenger will no longer be available on BlackBerry OS smartphones

To continue using Facebook Messenger download the Facebook app in BlackBerry World which also provides access to Messenger features.

In order to transition to the web-based experience, users can download the Facebook application directly from BlackBerry World here.

Again, given there was no official Facebook Messenger app for BlackBerry 10, there's nothing to discontinue here for BlackBerry 10 users, besides, the Facebook app itself on BlackBerry 10 has already been made a web based solution.

Only those who refuse to update to that version and are running the old app would have anything here to discontinue and there should be no expectation that it would continue to work anyway. You're using an app that is technically no longer supported as it once was and could stop working at any point. There's nothing seemingly new here for BlackBerry 10 users, it's just a poorly worded email being sent out.

To be perfectly honest, I thought the actual Facebook Messenger app for BlackBerry 7 and earlier was killed off long ago as well, but apparently, it wasn't or people were still continuing to use it, like the BlackBerry 10 version, despite it having not been updated since 2012. Either way, this appears to be the final days for it now.