Our good buddy Kris has been playing around endlessly with some leaked builds of BlackBerry OS 10.2 and had a fun discovery last night. His latest experiments are with OS which features the Android 4.2.2 runtime - meaning there are a slew of Android apps that run with no tweaking or debug tokens needed. One of those apps happens to be Facebook Home.

While it hasn't been released for BlackBerry 10, Facebook Home was released for some Android devices a few months back. The custom launcher Facebook's your phone showing off photos, status updates and more as part of your homescreen.

As Kris found out, Facebook Home works like a champ on OS 10.2, acting as a launcher for the sideloaded Android apps on the Q10. Pretty cool stuff overall and we're definitely looking forward to the Android 4.2.2 support with OS 10.2. 

Check out the video above for a quick demo and hit up the thread below for more discussion.

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