Social Networks

A wee while ago we asked the CrackBerry nation which social network you use most on your BlackBerry. As I suspected, the two main contenders were Facebook and Twitter and frankly I had no idea which way this one was going to sway. 

But it was Facebook that was the clear winner - not by a lot, but an extra 12% over Twitter. What does this result tell us about us BlackBerry 10 users? From where I'm sitting it means that we are more interested in engaging with the people that we actually know. Sure, most of us will have Facebook friends that we may not be 'proper' friends with, but I would imagine that the majority of our Facebook contacts are people that we've been to school with, worked with or are actual friends. There's always exceptions though. 

Not surprisingly Google+ came bottom of the poll. That one I think was a no brainer as we don't have a native or third party application that works on BlackBerry 10. Our web browser does a pretty good job, but it's the one social site I never visit and that's because there is no BlackBerry app - you listening Google? 

If you disagree with my theory hit up the comments and have your say.