Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 images leak out

Are you a Facebook for BlackBerry user? If so, then this news should make you happy. Facebook v.2.0 images have now shown up online and while I'm not a Facebook user myself the app looks like it's recieved the attention it deserves finally. Some changes noted for the v2.0 release include:

  • Facebook Chat
  • UI Refresh
  • View friends’ profile info, pages and friends lists
  • Improved core app integration

The built-in chat is a rather interesting addition considerig how many apps there is already out there for Facebook. Hopefully, when released this will solve a lot of the issues that exist in the current release. Rumored release date is set for May 2011, but it looks as though a beta release may show up earlier. Possibly in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Source: N4BB