Facebook for BlackBerry
Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones has again been updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone, bringing it up to version While this is only a small bump up from the last version, it does contain several bug fixes. If you are a Facebook user and Beta Zone member you will want to be sure to download this new version if you haven't done so already. Full details and the download can be found at the link below.

The following issues have been fixed and implemented in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version
  •     Updated help URLs for Facebook 3.2
  •     Auto-linking to Facebook friends in address book did not occur
  •     Menu items missing for 5.0 devices
  •     Scrolling Issues on the BlackBerry Curve 9360
  •     Sharing a friend’s photo creates a comment on wall instead of posting the photo
  •     Long user name is cutoff in profile header on profile screen
  •     Some friends are not displayed in friends list with large user account
  •     When the user opens the photo comment notification and commends after friend, only "comment" is displayed in the outgoing notifications list
  •     Can't Scroll in the Menu "Notifications" with Touch Screen
  •     Unable to comment on my own photo (won't send) (Error 2121)
  •     Title on Group Wall publisher changes: initially using full name, then switching to first name
  •     Null shows in location field of an event in calendar
  •     A blank event screen displays after event is canceled while you trying to refresh screen
  •     Initial scroll up will not take user to the top of the Event Wall - Event Photo, Title and Type are not visible
  •     Facebook message always stays in sending status

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