Fancy a new Facebook beta for BlackBerry OS devices? If so, you can hit up the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now and grab v4.1.0.12. It's seemingly a larger update given the change log provided so if you've been having issues with the previous release, best to get it updated and share whatever feedback you can offer with the Beta Zone. Speaking of that change log, Facebook includes the following improvements: 

  • News Feeds
  • Notifications where: - User may encounter issues where Facebook notifications are not cleared - User may encounter issues with Facebook receiving notifications - User may receive multiple friend requests from existing friends
  • Friend search 
  • Viewing list of tagged users in status update or check-in post
  • Photo Tags/Tag Info
  • Comment Count
  • Text scroll issues in Remote Search text field

Those improvements aren't without a few known issues as well so be sure to check that list before going all in on the download, just in case it won't meet your needs. The update is live in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now, so you can hit the link below to be taken on over there.

Access the BlackBerry Beta Zone