Facebook for BlackBerry 10

Since the middle of December, the BlackBerry Beta Zone has been home to an updated version of Facebook for BlackBerry 10 that includes several bug fixes and improvements and the time has finally come for it to roll out to the masses. The new updated appearing in BlackBerry World will show a different version depending on which device you're using but here's some of the changes noted to be within.

  • Add photos as comments to a post
  • View multiple-photo posts in a photo collage composition
  • View photos and stickers in the comments
  • View additional story types
  • Easily access the Publisher bar at the bottom of the screen

Those running the Beta Zone version should already be familiar with the changes but if you've never given the Beta Zone release a go, then you'll really appreciate everything that has been added in this release. You'll find the update waiting for you in BlackBerry World. If you're not seeing it, try doing a search for Facebook directly. It should appear then. If not, you'll just have to wait for it to filter through.

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