Talk Mobile

We've been having a great time this week following up our Talk Mobile feature articles with a live hangout each day to discuss and debate the topic of the day and sound off on any current events.

This week the focus is on Mobile Apps, and today we're looking at relationship between developers and app stores. Be sure to read today's feature, Developer Affairs: The agony and ecstasy of app stores, and get in on the discussion there.

We're going to postpone today's daily hangout though (we'll do a double header tomorrow) as a couple of other big events are taking place in the mobile / webosphere. 

At 1pm ET, Facebook is holding an event. Rumors have been circulating about what it will be (sorry CrackBerry, I don't think they're announcing Instagram for BB10 there), so we'll be tuning into watch that. 

Also, at 2pm ET, the Samsung Premiere event will be taking place in London. The Mobile Nations team is on the ground for that one and if you like to follow all things mobile, you'll want to check that out as well.

Hit up the links below for all of today's coverage, and we'll catch you again tomorrow at 1pm live with our next daily Talk Mobile hangout.

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