If you've been waiting for a new Facebook for BlackBerry 10 to arrive, you'll want to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World and check for updates. Facebook for BlackBerry 10 v10.1.0.106 has now arrived with a refreshed look and some new features added in for good measure:

  • A Refreshed Look and Feel to your Newsfeed – Facebook  has an exciting updated look and feel with refreshed icons to make navigation and communicating with your social network even easier.
  • Enhanced Photo Experience – Facebook provides new ways of interacting with your Facebook photos. With Facebook you can now create Photo Albums from your photos page, upload your photos to an existing or new photo album, add photo tags to your current photos and easily toggle between all of your photos and photo albums.

Additionally, there is also the normal bug fixes and enhancements included with this release. If you're a Facebook user, go ahead and grab the update and let us know how it's running for you in the comments. The update is set to be available globally for all devices running BlackBerry 10.1 and up, so if you're not seeing it as of yet and you're on 10.1, try refreshing BlackBerry World or just hang tight -- it'll be along shortly.

Download Facebook for BlackBerry 10