FaceBook 1.7 Coming Soon, Bringing OS 5.0 Compatability With It?

Ahh, FaceBook. The RIM built application users love ... and hate. Word is that FaceBook version 1.7 is coming soon and this time around the release (or leak?) will cover one major problem that all leaked OS users have been seeing for a while - OS 5.0 compatability Ever since OS 5.0 started leaking, some users have upgraded it to it, only to revert back to a lower OS based on the fact FaceBook simply just does not work on 5.0. From the information available, it seems this will no longer be the case as 5.0 and FaceBook 1.7 will work together.

This indicates a few things, of course first being obvious that FaceBook 1.7 is coming soon and that OS 5.0 is just that much closer to being completed if RIM is putting more effort into their own secondary applications working on it. Other details on FaceBook 1.7 are slim, but we'll keep you posted.