Facebook 1.6 Launching On May 28th?

* Update: See screen captures of Facebook version 1.6 in action. *

FaceBook 1.6 has been popping up lately, most recently over at BerryReview where Ronen has posted some information regarding the upcoming release date for it. May 28th is  being tossed around as the official launch date for it, but as we all are more then fully aware RIM could change this at any given time so we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens. There are some changes that are said to be coming with FaceBook 1.6 as well, as outlined below:

  • Feed support - view and comment on friends status updates and highlights
  • Profile and wall viewing- view and comment on friends’ profiles and wall updates
  • Improved photo viewing - view and comment on pictures
  • Additional language support 

I just hope this time around RIM has the kinks worked out before the actual launch. FaceBook 1.5 was delayed numerous times and then at launch people still had issues with it. It seems a little weird that they're even going to release a version 1.6, and not just roll back the upgrades and improved featureset into a bigger 2.0 launch. I guess they want to move on from 1.5 as soon as possible.

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