Time for a bit of fun with Face in Hole which is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. While this wont be everyone's cup of tea - if you fancy a giggle then check this one out. Face in Hole is free to download and with the free version you have access to eight comical images that you can insert your face into. If those eight are not enough you can purchase the rest of the pack for $2 through an in-app purchase.

Once the app is opened it's just a case of selecting which image you wish to use and then the camera will open up. You can easily toggle between the front and rear cameras depending if you are taking a shot of yourself or a buddy. If you wish to choose an existing photo you already have on your BlackBerry that option is there too which is nice to see. Once the photo is taken and you are happy with it just press the 'tick' tab and the image will be complete.

With a share tab you can send the funny photo to any of the accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub or alternatively just save the image to your device.

If you fancy a giggle this one is worth grabbing just for the free options. I look good below don't I?

Face in Hole for BlackBerry 10 - James

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