FileScout for BlackBerry

To celebrate the F1 championship Matthias let us know that he is running a sale on his best-selling (and CrackBerry favorite) app FileScout. Matthias knows I'm a big Formula 1 fan so thought it would be a good gesture...and I agree!!! FileScout is essentially a file browser for your BlackBerry, letting you browse files, copy, move, rename, delete and even zip any files on your device. Truly an awesome utility, FileScout is definitely feature packed with way more than we can fit into one blog post. The latest update brings along a screenshot utility as well as some playlist enhancements.

FileScout sells regularly for $6.99, but to celebrate Vettels victory in the F1 championship you can grab it for just $2.56 using the code CB4VETTELWC in the CrackBerry App Store. It's a clever price, considering Sebastian Vettel won the driver's championship with 256 points! Please note that the code will only work from the mobile app store or app store client from your device. Hit the link below to download. What better way to celebrate the crazy end of the season than with an app sale!

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