EZ ReRegister

3 giveaways in 3 days -- first we launched the 100,000 Member Contest , then we opened your chance to win a copy of Leisure Suit Larry in Love for Sail, and now you can win a copy of a must-have app for any hardcore BlackBerry user... EZ Reregister.

Back at the end of January we announced the beta of a program called BARRT, which was a small database program you installed your computer (not your BlackBerry) that allowed you to store the names, registration codes and vendor email addresses of your BlackBerry software applications. With information now in one location, when you swap your BlackBerry device, with just the click of a button, you can generate email messages to all or to selected vendors requesting new registration codes based on your new PIN!

Since then, BARRT has been rebranded to EZ Reregister, and it's now out of beta and ready for use by the CrackBerry-addicted public. It's available in two versions - Full and Lite (currently $12.99 and $6.99, respectively) and a 7 day Free Trial is available. We have 10 Copies of the Full version to giveaway, and not just any copy... the developer is going to custom brand the winners' versions with the CrackBerry logo! Consider it collector's software! Read on for more details and your chance to win!

Why EZ Reregister?

There is a wide variety of software applications available for BlackBerry devices. Often, commercial applications have a unique registration key based on the unique PIN number of the device. This protects the software vendor from piracy, and protects the user’s investment in the software from use by others. Unfortunately, if you need to swap your BlackBerry device, you have to ask the software vendors for another registration code, based on your new PIN number. To do this, you need to have not only a list of the software installed on your device, but the registration numbers, and vendor contact information as well. For most, this is an infrequent task, but a cumbersome one.

Storing all the information needed to request Reregistration and reducing the time this process takes was the catalyst for the creation of EZ Reregister.

EZ Reregister is a small database application that allows a BlackBerry user to store the names, registration codes, and vendor email addresses of all of their software applications. If a user changes their device, at the click of a button they can generate emails requesting Reregistration codes from any or all of the application vendors stored in the database. If you change devices often, this application is a must-have!


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