We announced just a short time ago that Eyebert (from Funkoi) had been released for BlackBerry 10 and so in true CrackBerry fashion it's time to go hand-on, to show you what you're missing out on if you didn't grab the game initially. 

Eyebert is free to download (fist pump) and if you do want to upgrade to the premium edition it's only going to cost you a buck, which is blooming good value for money. The other big bonus is that the game is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets. You'll see in the video that I used my Z30, but I've subsequently played the game on my Q10 and it's just as good. Well, maybe a bit better on the Z30, but it would be due to screen real estate. At least no BlackBerry 10 users can complain about lack of device compatibility - something that I think all developers should bear in mind. 

The concept of Eyebert is a simple one - a platform scrolling game, but one of the most beautiful and colorful I've played to date. You control Eyebert and his trusty companion Faebie (who follows him) as you navigate the perils of each level, collecting gems and spheres along the way to not only earn you points, but also to unlock further bonus levels. 

Controls are as you would expect. You have a jump button on the bottom left of the display and over on the right is your fire tab which you'll need to keep busy as there are plenty of bad guys out to get you. Your lives will be displayed as hearts at the top left of the screen and luckily you can collect more of these along the way which is always a big plus point. 

The main thing you need to avoid (apart from the baddies) is falling between the platforms as this will kill you. As you progress through the levels there will also be gaps in the platforms introduced that contain lethal spikes, so it's essential to get perfectly acquainted with that jump tab. The good news here though is that you can double-tap to perform longer jumps, but you need to keep an eye on where you are going to land. 

Eyebert is action packed, glorious on the eye (no pun intended) and an all round perfect example of a great platform game. If you haven't already downloaded it, I'd urge you to do so, as the chances of you being disappointed are virtually non existent! 

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