Time for some futuristic hovercraft racing for BlackBerry 10. Extreme Racing With Beats 3D combines fast paced action with beautiful neon graphics, plus it's a free download - we like that!

With just left and right tabs on the screen to move your hovercraft, the idea of the game is to maneuver around the track ensuring that you drive through as many of the yellow blocks as possible. Each of these give you 50 points, but you'll also encounter red ones. These must be avoided at all costs as striking one will deduct 200 points from your score - which is shown at the top of the display. 

It's really just a case of getting to the end with the highest score you can, however, as time ticks away the game speeds up - meaning you will need to rely on swift reactions to dodge and collect blocks.

In addition to the wonderful graphics we also get a great backing track, which certainly adds some value to the gameplay. 

Extreme Racing 3D is free to download for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 - with an option for an ad-free version for just under a buck. If you have a compatible device give it a go - it's quite addictive! 

Extreme Features: 

  • Crisp 3D Graphics and Animation 
  • Super-fluid racing 
  • Easy touch controls 
  • 2 futuristic Hovercrafts 
  • 5 Mesmerizing Theme

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