The above video has been uploaded by QNX to their YouTube account in the last few days and while it isn't technically BlackBerry related it sort of is. Most of you will be aware that QNX is owned by RIM, and the PlayBook OS as well as BlackBerry 10 run on the QNX platform. The video is a demonstration of the latest QNX CAR 2 in car solution from QNX based on HTML5 and although I can't confirm that the dashboard display is a BlackBerry PlayBook it may well be. Either way there are some big similarities and I thought many of you may well find the video interesting.

If you have the patience to watch the whole video (it's 21 minutes long) you will see some familiar icons in the interface. The new QNX car display has the same web browser as the PlayBook, some familiar looking applications and even the same App World icon that we are used to seeing.

The main reason I wanted to share the video with you is just to show the capabilities and customisation available on the platform. With BlackBerry 10 coming to fruition in Q1 2013 it will be interesting to see if the in-car solutions that QNX offer will integrate further with the new BlackBerry operating system. With QNX being part of the BlackBerry family it would make sense and it would be great to see the car OS being an extension of the smartphone. Only time will tell.

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