Here is something for all you business focused BlackBerry users out there. ExSafe, software that allows individuals and companies to securely store and manage Microsoft Office spreadsheets and documents in the "cloud" has finally come to BlackBerry devices after long only being available on Windows Mobile devices. With a good reputation backing its usage and the promise to help cut IT costs, ExSafe may be something you wish to invest in for your organization or if you just simply need a safe and secure environment for your documents.

From the press release:

ExSafe brings a consistent experience for accessing externally hosted documents from a desktop, laptop or smartphone whenever and wherever you are.  It reduces the cost of managing Microsoft® Office content (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets) and PDFs, yet at the same time increases the efficiency of an organisation and its workforce. ExSafe assists in ensuring that regulatory compliance requirements are met with full audit trail and versioning of user activity. A further benefit is online backup and disaster recovery. All of this is available by subscription for just $6.99 a month for a single user account.

You can read more about ExSafe and find out how it may be valuable to you as a user or to your oranization at their website or have a look at the press release via RIM.