Man! Theme developers are really stretching the limits of the Plazmic Content Developer's Kit these days. We have seen a ton of new themes just flowing in on a daily basis, with each of these latest themes bringing something new to the table. This time around John from JC Designs unleashes EGO to the world. Built with the user's own expression in mind, this theme hides away all the stuff that would obstruct your view of the wallpaper you have chosen for your background, but at the same time offers quick access to your most used apps. EGO accomplishes this by giving you not one, but two hidden docks (one on the bottom and one on the side). The docks and today sections only appear when hovered over and the icons set in this theme stand out stunningly as they are large and rounded and allow for 9 in total just on the main screen alone.

Plazmic had better hurry up and launch their new CDK to support the Storm and the 8900 and it better come with lots of updates to the original... cause if theme developers keep this up there will be nothing left to achieve in the current CDK! EGO supports the 81XX, 83XX, 87XX, 88XX and 9000, but be aware different models may vary in the options available. Be sure to check the options when viewing.

*UPDATE* - John has updated the theme due to popular requests to use original Bold Icons as an optional choice, check out EGO Precision.