Express your love for food with the latest BBM Sticker pack Nummies

The BBM Sticker shop is slowly increasing the number of packs available and a new one has just been added. This one is for the food lover. The sticker pack is called Nummies and comes from Canadian illustrator, Andre Jolicoeur. The Nummies sticker pack includes food such as tacos, pizzas, hotdogs, sushi and more.

I'm enjoying these stickers a lot, using them more and more. While I like stickers like these, I still want to see more branded ones, such as the previously released Toy Story one and as many people suggest in the comments, lets see some sports team stickers. With that said, keep them coming BlackBerry!

Are you still using BBM Stickers? Have you bought all the packs? Have you bought any? Share your thoughts in the comments.