Explore all there is know about your apps with AppNinja

Being able to understand all the ins and outs of your installed applications is always a good thing. Device Manager allows us to monitor battery usage and Application Permissions modifies what each app can access on your device. For those seeking more granular information about all the applications and games on their device (native and Android) there is AppNinja. Everything you ever wanted to know about these items is displayed in one convenient place.

Upon launching AppNinja automatically compiles a list of all of your apps and games in a list, though there is also an option to refresh if needed. There are several ways to locate and search for a particular one. The easiest ways are to scroll through the entire list, which could be time consuming as the list includes system apps, and search for a specific one by entering in the name or the first few letters at the bottom.

However, swiping to the right makes it possible to drill down the options even further by certain categories before executing a search. Users can filter by the type of app such as system apps and third-party apps or discover them by how it was coded, such as native, Android, or WebWorks. Once you've selected a category, simply scroll through the list or enter in a search term to continue.

Now that we've discussed how to locate a particular application, what exactly does AppNinja provide? Tapping on the application brings up the details screen that is divided into three tabs: Summary, Details, and Permissions.

App Ninja Summary

As you would expect, the summary tabs provides a brief description of what you need to know along with the name, author, origins, and package details (i.e. name, version, and issue date). What I find interesting, and maybe you will too, is the origin. AppNinja lets you know if the app is Native (pre-installed with OS, downloaded from Beta Zone, or installed from BlackBerry World) or Android (sideloaded or from BlackBerry World).

App Ninja Details

When it comes to providing application details, this is where AppNinja excels. The dropdown list at the top presents users and developers with precise information. This is the technical part of AppNinja and each item in the dropdown list offers information regarding the package, invoke-target, application itself, minimum required OS, and more.

App Ninja Permissions

The third section is all about permissions. The above image represents the permissions for BBM. While there is a warning that the list might be incomplete (it is an experimental feature, and there is an explanation included), it shows many of the hidden or undocumented permissions each application requests that are not normally shown in the system settings. If available, you can simply tap on Change Permissions to bring up the BlackBerry Application Permissions screen to make adjustments. You can also tap on Device Monitor for quick access to additional information including app-specific CPU, battery, memory, and network usage.

Finally, the application offers a little bit of customization. By going into settings, it is possible to adjust the theme, startup view (i.e. instead of seeing all apps, select the specific type), and what information to show in the summary.

AppNinja grants users a perfect snapshot of their installed applications. For more information or suggestions, you can follow the forum thread. You can find it in BlackBerry World for $0.99 for OS 10.3.1 and higher.

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