BlackBerry Experience New york

My first assignment for CrackBerry entailed meeting BlackBerry CEO John Chen, President of Global Enterprise Services, John Sims, and the VP of Global Alliances and Ecosystems, Marty Mallick. Suffice it to say I wasn't expecting to meet these gentlemen let alone be speaking with them.

But before I continue, let me start at the beginning.

BlackBerry Experience: New York was held in the beautiful and historic Gotham Hall at the heart of the city. Just walking there from the subway station one can see Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, and Herald Square in the midst of the busy streets and bustling businesses.

I was pleasantly greeted at the entrance hall and the check-in went smooth as hot butter. Without missing a beat Kim Geiger, one of BlackBerry's Public Relations Managers, personally escorted me around, detailing everything that was to take place that day. I will admit that I smiled at the sight of the many delicious dishes and beverages being provided and thought to myself that BlackBerry certainly knew how to treat their guests.

Before things got underway, I spent some time browsing the booths featured by BlackBerry partners, inspecting BlackBerry devices (not rumored) and reviewing new enterprise/business Apps. There were a lot of interesting things to take in.

The BlackBerry Experience is about professional mobility focusing on defining Enterprise solutions for today and tomorrow. Attendees gained insight into BlackBerry's renewed focus on enterprise, how BlackBerry is redefining productivity, how the company is enabling greater communication and collaboration in order to drive the transformation of mobile computing while covering strategies that support BYOD, COPE and even Corporate Liable.

What BlackBerry managed to establish consistently throughout the day was three things: A recommitment to both former and current customers, expanding their value as a comprehensive and trusted mobility provider, and leveraging their rich ecosystem with partner applications.

BlackBerry's strategic vision will be to deliver solutions that go beyond the device. It will enable workers to maximize productivity by accessing any content, from anywhere, and at any time.

Later in the event the press and media met in a private room with the President of Global Enterprise Services, John Sims. We were able to ask all the tough questions that were on our minds regarding the future of BlackBerry's handset business, BBM desktop, tablets, BBM Money, BlackBerry Retail stores and many other BlackBerry related topics. Things got interesting when John Chen walked into the room. Exciting? Definitely.

It was a full house at Gotham Hall, the energy in the room akin to that of a sleeping giant that had been awaken. BlackBerry Experience: New York was successful at assuring enthusiasts, businesses, and enterprises that the future of BlackBerry is not only secure but also flourishing.

Are you curious to know what was asked and said in the Pressroom with CEO John Chen and John Sims? If so, stay tuned for an exciting CrackBerry podcast!

Article Written by Jubei Raziel

Edited by Sharon Mamolo

* Photo taken with my BlackBerry Q10