If someone ever tried to tell me, that the use of wood in headphones was a brilliant idea I would have probably laughed in their face. Typically wood is in large speaker cabinets, and metal or plastic is used in headphones. I recently had a chance to try out the RF3 LIVE Natural Wood Stereo headphones, and I’m definitely shocked. The sound quality is unique and actually quite pleasant. Continue reading to see how wood makes for a good pair of headphones.


  • Earbuds made from natural wood, paired with noise isolating rubber ear tips capture the essence of sound
  • AirCom2 technology provides you with a unique audio delivery process utilizing an airtube to produce "live" sound with no interference
  • Microphone specially designed for clear communication and features a squeeze on/off button
  • Eco-Friendly Packing


Normally the design wouldn’t be a main focus in a review for headphones. But theses are a little different seeing that the RF3 LIVE Earbuds do not have the speaker in the bud itself. Moving away from the norm, the creators have placed the speakers down, and below your neck. How does the audio get to your ears you ask? Well they actually travel up plastic tubing and then into your ears. I found that this offered a different sound than the typical headphone, which was quite a nice change.


Finding earbuds that suits your ears specifically is an almost impossible task; unless you get a custom molded set that is. When I personally look for a pair of earbuds, I typically look for the ones that offer superior sound, but also offer a lot of options for bud sizes. The RF3 LIVE earbuds offer 4 bud sizes including the ones that are placed on the earbuds at the factory. With the selection offered you should be able to find a pair that fits and that will offer maximum comfort.

One thing I did notice with these headphones, was when I took them with me during a bike ride or a run the speaker placement became a little nuisance. Because they placed the speakers below the neckline, they tend to bounce around if you’re using them for anything other than lounge listening. To wrap up the comfort section, I would say that they offer a comfortable music experience at home, but the comfort ends if you decide to use these earbuds for active sports.

Sound Quality

I touched on this a little bit in the design section, but let me go into a little more detail on my thoughts of the sound quality from the RF3 LIVE earbuds. Like I stated before, these ear buds take on a new concept with the placement of the speakers and have them placed around the neck with the audio traveling up a tube and then into your ears. I found that this type of design offered a more earthy sound to my music. Also, I found that the bass reproduction was a little interesting. These earbuds do not produce the ear-pounding bass that some others may but you still get the sense of it, and its addition to your music. It’s interesting because it is not the same experience compared your normal headphones and earbuds, it’s almost hard to explain, and a feature you need to experience for your self. What I will say is, if you’re one of those people who love to crank the bass then these are not for you.

Added features

Being headphones designed for use with mobile devices it would have been a little odd if they didn’t include any way to control your music, but don’t fret they did. Just below the speakers (remember, the ones below the neckline) you’ll find a little black box that is attached to the earbuds wires. This little box allows you to answer/end a call, mute a call, shuffle between songs, and enable voice dialing. So even when you’re too busy, you’ll be able to control what you’re listening to or answer a phone call.


The RF3 LIVE earbuds feature a unique wood design that also gives them an interesting sound. The music almost comes to life as the audio transfers from the speakers, up the audio tubes, and into your ears. The noise cancelation earbuds offer you an optimal listening environment for the times when you can’t control the outside volume.


Due to the placement of the speakers on these particular earbuds I found them impractical for use in many outdoor activities like running or riding a bike.


If you love listening to music for the quality, and don’t want to bother with headphones that say they have the loudest bass around the RF3 LIVE earbuds may just be what you’re looking for. With the unique speaker and audio tube design the RF3 LIVE earbuds offer a rich earthy sound to your music, eliminating the need for excessive bass. The manufacturer has also included enough earbuds allowing you to find the best fit for your ear. All in all I highly recommend checking out the RF3 LIVE Earbuds. They can be found in ShopCrackBerry.com for $59.99 $34.95.


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