Expensify has been around for awhile now, and while the app was available for previous BlackBerry OS', they had all but dropped support for the platform and when I inquired in September had no plans for bringing the app to BlackBerry 10. Sometime between then and now that all changed, and I was happy to see that Expensify is now available for not only BlackBerry 10, but the PlayBook as well.

If you're not familiar with Expensify, it makes it super easy to get those pesky expense reports under control. You can log expenses and scan paper receipts on the go, and then sign in to Expensify.com to create, submit, and reimburse full expense reports online. Expensify works well with Quickbooks too, so you can export all of your reports as per your company's policies. The Expensify app for BlackBerry is free, and there are both free and paid options for the service itself online. I haven't met a person yet that actually enjoys doing expense reports, so anything that can be done to make the process a bit smoother and less tedious is always welcome.

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