Expect to hear more from TCL and BlackBerry at CES 2017


Although the announcement of BlackBerry and TCL's smartphone software and brand licensing deal is still fresh and there is a lot to be explored there, one thing seems for certain, and that's that we should expect to hear more at CES 2017.

Steve Cistulli, President, and GM of TCL Communication in North America was excited to share the news as it crossed the wire and if you start looking around at TCL Communication Twitter accounts, a lot of them have been using #TheNewBlackBerry to promote the news while letting be known that they can't wait to share more at CES 2017.

PS: Steve also dropped this teaser for everyone. For those of you who might not be picking up what Steve is putting down, the Remington No. 2 is a typewriter that hit production in 1878. It featured.... a QWERTY keyboard and a shift key which changed the game for typewriters.