Executive Series Themes For Bold!

We cover a LOT of themes here at CrackBerry. Theme developers are always coming up with new ways to impress everyone using Plazmic theme maker and sometimes, some of the themes that do get overlooked are the ones that are really designed for business users, simply because some of the time people are interested more in the eyecandy of a theme rather than the functions of the theme itself.

Not this time! The Executive series of themes accomplishes both of those things, they look amazing and offers up great functionality. The Executive themes are designed with productivity and efficiency in mind, but are a pleasure to the eyes as well.

With tons of access to applications right from the main screen and all notifiication icons being allowed to display in the top banner, you will never miss a message. Also, where the theme utilizes default OS icons, they are lightweight and will not "lag" your device in any sort of way. These things are just the start of what makes the Executive Series a nice addition to any user's theme collection, especially if you need a direct and to the point theme for business use. You can grab it for $7.