Drop what you're doing and hit PLAY on the video above! I was fortunate to get my hands on the newly announced BlackBerry Passport SILVER Edition a little early, so took it to the new KM studio to give it a proper debut for CrackBerry Nation (complete with vintage table slap at the end!).

Be sure to watch the video for some deep thoughts, and check out our photo gallery for lots of great photos of the new Silver Edition and you can also see how it compares to the standard issue Passport. As an official launch partner with BlackBerry for the Silver Edition, our CrackBerry Canada store also lined up a heck of a deal - if you order the Silver Edition you will receive $130 in FREE Silver Edition accessories. Considering the Silver Edition is just $50 more than the original Passport, it's a great deal.

As for some initial thoughts on the Silver Edition (just in case you can't watch the video right away and want to know my thoughts), here's where I'm at with it:

  • I can't believe that the phone is selling for such a low price. Having owned most of the Porsche Design BlackBerry Smartphones over the years that carry a price tag closer to $2,000, that's almost what I expected of the Silver Edition. With a stainless steel frame, it gives off that high-end vibe I've felt in the past on Porsche Design BBs. I'm pleasantly surprised BlackBerry didn't mark it up more.
  • I love the look of the Silver Edition. I love the look of the original Passport too - it's a bold and attention-getting phone. The Silver Edition is just a flare of retro cool about it that I appreciate and it's just more precisely finished all around. I love the detail around the rear facing camera too.
  • If you look at the comparisons to the standard issue Passport, you'll notice they extended the bottom of the device slightly below the keyboard keys - makes for a more natural typing position. Much love for this.
  • If you're in the market for a Passport today, I think it's a no-brainer to upgrade to the Silver Edition.

Ok, I've said too much. This is a video hands-on. Watch the video! We'll ship this unit over to CrackBerry's EiC Bla1ze shortly so he can follow up with his more detailed impressions as well.

I hope you enjoy the vid. Kevin Out!