Marketing Details Regarding the Lauch of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Click for Bigger Image

Following up on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm craziness of the past two days, we have a little more crazy to throw your way. This document, just received, outlines Verizon's Pre-Launch plans for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm.

Looking at the document, I don't think "Launch Date" means Device Launch Date, though I'm sure we'd all be pretty excited to hold a Storm in our hands as early as next week. Rather, September 22nd is the day marketing will begin to Verizon business customers and October 1st is the day marketing will begin to consumers. Verizon's Storm site at is now back up and running, so I guess that fits the bill for the Direct Marketing this doc says will begin on the 17th (today!!).

Notice under the "Target Customer" heading the date of "by November 1st" is listed repeatedly for upgrade elgibility discounts? Seems like further confirmation to me that November 1st is still the device launch date Verizon is targeting to take the world by Storm! Whether that date pans out or not only time will tell, but at least we have some further insight into what's going on.

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