Closing Thoughts... for now

This particular model is an older prototype. I was told very clearly that a lot of changes have been made to the product since then and there are more to come. Yes it fits in your pocket. In suits, in pants, in jeans that weren't too tight for you to begin with, and in hoodies.

It fits in dress shirt pockets and you can hold it with one hand. You just need two hands to use it. The battery lasts forever and the screen is a breath of fresh air for the 'cramped' Q10 users. The keyboard is a delicious treat that is a different approach compared to anything BlackBerry has done before it and anything that the market has ever seen. The combination of physical and onscreen this time around is exciting and intuitive. It is what we have been waiting for all along. A breath of fresh air.

My personal recommendations would be to make the sides a little less flat and a tad curvier and the corners a tad more rounded. Moreover, on this particular model, there is a 3-4 mm gap on either side of the keyboard that is the biggest waste of space. They should just shorten the frets and on the left side put a physical call button and on the right side a camera button. That would be unreal.

The phone (if we can call it that) is meant for executives and serious businessmen who will now do more on their BlackBerry smartphones. It's not likely to be a hit among the young crowd but I don't think they're the target market here. The camera compared to others might lack in some areas but it's still the best BlackBerry has put out and there's still time to improve it through software. The call quality is unreal. Videos are beautiful but the black bars on the top and bottom sometimes feel like waste of space, though the display will help you get over that pretty quickly. The unsung heroes here are the speakers. They are louder and crisper than the HTC One's 'Boom Sound' and will turn a lot of heads.

I currently have an iPhone 5c, an iPhone 5S, a Galaxy S4 and a Q10. I CAN'T WAIT for a retail version of the Passport after having used it. My faith in this BlackBerry has been shaky but I can say now that it's a strong device that makes you feel important, powerful, productive and ready to take on the world. For those of you you think it's bulky, when it comes to devices, the Passport is a Brooklyn bouncer in an Armani Suit. It might not appear to be sleek, but it's sexy, it's fresh, it's bigger and badder. It lets you 'do more' and just could be the passport to tomorrow's BlackBerry. No pardoning the pun there either.

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