Exciting News For All You Social Scope Users!

Some great news coming out of Social Scope these days. It has been a while since Social Scope has launched its beta and since then they have been gradually adding more and more users to services. This time around we get a technical preview of what is to come from Social Scope over the next week or so. A quick breakdown below:

  • Major Upgrade To The UI- Social Scope has always had a "clean" feeling UI and they have taken that one step furtherwith the latest offerings.
  • Location Based Search - Need to find people around you Tweeting? Maybe you need to just try and find out where the next bar is that has happy hour--now you can do it.
  • Trends Support- Twitter is a social network site. With that a lot of topics are shared, now from within Social Scope you can find out what all the latest hot topics are.
  • Biggest News Of All - Social Scope will be adding A LOT more users to the services. Testing has been completed, services can now handle more users, so they will indeed be added.

There you have it folks. I'm positive a lot of you were hoping to hear that the services were going to be fully opened up today, but keep in mind it's not that far off. I promise. There should be a full blown announcement sometime this week and we will have much more information later. Until that time, check out the rest of the screenshots.

Location Based Search
Trending Topics In Social Scope!