Dear Berry Dear Berry,

I am a young professional female and I'm so excited the Storm is on its way. I have Verizon and I will be purchasing it the day it hits stores, and it will also be my very first BB. A few years ago when I was still in College I contemplated getting a BB because I really thought it was a cool phone that you could do a lot with. But, I then did a reality check that "I am not that important to have a BlackBerry, I don't own a business nor am I professional yet," and none of my friends had one either. So I decided against it and have had regular phones ever since. My most recent phone, the LG Env, is cool for texting but I'm tired of it now.

Then about a year ago all of my friends out of the clear blue got BB's and basically I'm the only one that does not have one. I've seen them go from normal people to BB obsessed, constantly texting, never put the phone down, their eye's don't even leave their BB, Basically their lives revolve around their BB. I feel like an outsider in a way. Anyway, my question is, I'm super excited about finally getting a BB and a touchscreen at that, but how will a BB change my life? for the good or will I become obsessed like the rest of my friends? Does having a BB really change a person? Thank you,

- Excited and Curious

Dear "Excited and Curious",

First of all, let me say congratulations in advance on hitting the stores the day the Storm arrives and making one of them your own! In addition, I must tell you that I believe you did a very smart thing waiting to purchase a BlackBerry. Not because you didn't have a business or didn't find a "real" need for it however, because you waited until it made sense for you. True, you might feel now that you're behind your friends however, you will have a BlackBerry in hand very soon and it will become like a friend you carry around with you everywhere. Owning a BlackBerry can be for fun or for business (or both!), that's one of the great things about them but you will find yourself realizing the true potential of the Storm once you own it.

There's no question that whichever BlackBerry you own they are addicting. You will find yourself looking for the red blinking light to see if you have email, etc. and enjoy using it to its full potential. The BlackBerry has an unusual appeal that makes it extremely difficult to put down. However, there are boundaries you can set for yourself if you find yourself out of control. First off, be safe and don't email or text while driving (see previous "Dear Berry" column). As an all-in-one device that will help you manage your professional life while having fun using all of its features, you will find that it was worth the wait. If you are finding yourself addicted to the point that it gets in the way of relationships, work and personal contacts make sure to set limits. Leave it in the car while going to dinner for example. Remember, the BlackBerry is to be enjoyed and not become a burden. As a member of the CrackBerry Nation you will see there is so much to learn about the productivity and fun you will get from the device and always remember that has the steps to dealing with the addiction if it gets out of control (there's even a full out CrackBerry Book coming soon).

I do think a BlackBerry can change a person at times. There are times people become more self absorbed in their device and ignore the people and surroundings in front of them however, you can control that or try to. In addition, you might find them irritated with you which is a signal that with that person(s) you should put the BlackBerry aside. However, a BlackBerry can truly bring fun into your life and knowledge just by using it. Which in many cases can cheer people on days when things may not be going so well.

Enjoy your new Storm when you have it and try not to worry before you have an issue. If you do, I'm always here to help. All the best,

- Berry

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